IOTA AVXP1 7-Channel Power Amplifier Review | Stunning value for money... | by Phil Hinton from avforums

Review Conducted by Phil Hinton | Published: Feb 22, 2019

IOTA AVXP1 7-Channel Power Amplifier Review

If you are looking to add a little bit more power and precision to your AVR via the pre-outs, or want to go with a separate processor, the IOTA seven-channel AVXP1 is stunning value for money and will instantly upgrade your power on demand with all channels driven, and add in extra headroom over the built-in amplification in most midrange AV Receivers...........

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 Best Buy9 OUT OF 10
 The Good
 Superb value for money
 Excellent build quality
 Excellent connectivity
 Sound quality is first class at the   price point
 Excellent power on offer
 The Bad
 Nothing at the price point

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